Skåle 3
Skålekapacitet 11 + 11 + 11 liter
Styretavle Mekanisk
Front belyst panel Nej
Standard farve Hvid - Sort
I-Tank™ isoleret skål Ja
Skål belysning Led
Kølesystem Luft
Standardspænding 230/50 V/Hz
Specialspænding 220/60 V/Hz - 115/60 V/Hz
Absorption 1420 Watt
Dimensioner B x D x H (MM) 600 x 580 x 870
Vægt 81 kg
Kølegas R 404 a - R 290

Kan også fås i enkelt og dobbelt kammer og der kan tilkøbes selvfylderlåg.
Kan fås både vandkølet og luftkølet.

Brochure (1.08 MB) Teknisk tegning (1.23 MB)

The most advanced slush machine in the world. An absolute innovation by SPM Drink Systems.
I-PRO Mechanical is the ideal solution for customers who want an innovative and distinctive equipment, without having to invest too much money.
I-PRO Mechanical combines the traditional operating features with some of the exclusive functions of the new I-PRO range, at a lower price.
This equipment has the Mechanical keypad to set cooling and defrost mode.

I-PRO 3 Mechanical has n. 3x11 liters I-TANK™ insulated bowls: its minimise the influence of external temperature, in¬crease the cooling power of the machine, saving energy and money. The I-Tank bowls reduce condensation on the bowl’s outer side, thus improving the product’ s aesthetics.
Tanks work independently and the lid is lockable.
The bowl’s shape allows a natural mixing process to ensure a optimum consistency of the product.
The I-PRO is customizable for merchandising actions.

I-PRO mechanical: Tradi¬tion and future blended into a machine that will captivate you!
Ideal for bars, amusement parks, highway stops, fast-food chains, kiosks, restaurants, water parks and much more.